Friday, June 15, 2012

You got nothing

Yesterday, sports day was fun. Too many people gave me support. Yaaa, thanks for that (。◕‿◕。)The guys and the girls also try to comfort when I was nervous. My name was in the 4x100m list. But something bad happened. A bad girl cancelled my name. And i asked, "why?" and she keeps blaming the teacher. I know you did that. Bitch, you want to cancel my name and replace with your name? Hahahaha so funny. You're not that good enough though. Agak-agak lah pun. Kalau nak gantikan aku, go and find a person that is stronger than me okay? Unlike you. Nama kau pun bukannya ada dalam list. Tetiba nak join kenapa? Tak perlu nak 'geng-geng'. Tak rasa perbuatan kau tu jahat ke cancel nama orang lain, semata-mata nak lari dengan kawan? Fortunately, I've discussed with the teacher and I took part in the event. And yeahhhh, got third place. Luckily, last runner tu pun kuat. If u cancelled my name in the event, probably will get last place kot. Not to be swank, but that's the truth The conclusion is, what's the point to do such mean things to me? What will you get in return? Lost & embarrassment.